The coastline of the headland provided a diverse range of fascinating wee environments which Algy loved. In some places the rocks plunged straight down deep ravines into the sea, in others there were tiny tidal beaches of pale sand, and in some areas there were masses of large rocks jutting out into the ocean. In one special spot on the north coast there was a unique network of large pools above the normal tideline, surrounded by miniature fortifications of rock. This was a place unlike any other, and it was often warm and sheltered too. Algy loved to perch on a rock here, and watch the small fish that darted in and out of the weed in the pools. He assumed that these rock basins must be filled mainly with rainwater, but as the ocean was only yards away and exceedingly vigorous at times, the water would surely be salty too. Algy wondered how the fish could manage in such a strange environment, and whether they sometimes ventured out into the great ocean when the tide was especially high…

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