Submission Selfie Sunday

Dear friends, here is my April Sunday Selfie, to celebrate the coming of spring 🙂

I am still trying to work on my camouflage techniques, as you can see, but I’m having a wee bit of bother with the legs…

With lots of fluffy hugs and a bunch of daffodils to you all at PWS xoxo

Thank you for your selfie-submission! We’re actually glad, the camouflage doesn’t work too well, else we wouldn’t be able to see you

PFBWS – Photographers Fluffy Birds Worth Seeing

Daffodils for everyone today :)) Hope you are all having a peaceful and happy Sunday xoxo

[Special note for those who may be concerned about cruelty to plants – the daffodils which Algy is holding were broken by the wind. The wind provides rather more than enough cut flowers in the West Highlands!]

With the fluffiest thanks to the great team at photosworthseeing for making the monthly Sunday Selfie such a great and enjoyable event – the submissions this month have been better than ever! Long live the PWS Sunday Selfie :))


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