It had been a very long and extraordinarily exciting day, and – like so many people who give parties – Algy found that he had tired much more rapidly than his guests. So, while they were still singing at the tops of their voices and doing crazy dances to the infinitely repetitive Surfin’ Bird, Algy slipped away quietly and found himself a secluded corner in the garden, where he could tuck his head under his wing and sleep. As he closed his eyes he thought of all his amazing Tumblr friends, who had done so much to make his Tumblr birthday party a wonderful success, and he remembered a poem by Langston Hughes, which he dedicates to you:

          Bring me all of your dreams,
          You dreamer,
          Bring me all your
          Heart melodies
          That I may wrap them
          In a blue cloud-cloth
          Away from the too-rough fingers
          Of the world.

[Algy is quoting the poem The Dream Keeper by the early 20th century American poet Langston Hughes.]

Postscript: to those who have suggested otherwise, Algy assures you that he himself drinks nothing but fruit juices and water – the whisky was strictly for his guests 🙂)

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