Surprise!! Once you get this you must share five random facts about yourself (or algy haha!) then pass this on to your 10 favorite followers :)

Dear Kara, Algy is deeply touched to think that he is one of your 10 favourite followers. Thank you! xoxo

(1) Algy learns something new every day. For example, until yesterday Algy was completely unaware of the existence of ice cream cupcakes! The world is certainly a remarkable place…

(2) Algy loves to sing but – as his voice is not quite to everyone’s taste – he is learning to play the ocarina, just in case he ever has an audience. Secretly, he would like to play the accordion …

(3) Algy’s best friend is a small rat named Twicklewick, who has a very pointy nose and fine whiskers.

(4) Algy has three toes pointing forward, and one toe pointing backward – on each foot, that is – and he can paint with his feet.

(5) When Algy first arrived in this remote northern land, he was a long, long way from home, and he felt rather sad and lonely. But then he discovered an amazing world of new friends on Tumblr, and he has never been lonely since xx

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