Algy was feeling utterly bedraggled. He couldn’t fly as his feathers were still heavy with salt water, so he tucked himself into a hollow between the nearest rocks. Unfortunately, the tide was still coming in fast, so he knew that he would have to move again very soon. For the moment, however, it was too hard to find the energy, so Algy just sat there staring out bleakly at the sea, which was obviously feeling very playful in the brisk south-westerly wind. It reminded him of a short poem by Walter de la Mare:

          The sea laments
          The livelong day,
          Fringing its waste of sand;
          Cries back the wind from the whispering shore –
          No words I understand:
          Yet echoes in my heart a voice,
          As far, as near, as these –
          The wind that weeps,
          The solemn surge
          Of strange and lonely seas.

Algy dedicates this GIF especially to Erika, and to his other Tumblr friends who love the sea but live far away from it.

[Algy is quoting the poem Echoes by the early 20th century English poet Walter de la Mare.]


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