Yesterday the postman brought a big parcel… And it was the eagerly awaited new calendar for my office – by ALGY

And as you see – it will be hard for me to get it to the office…everybody loves the calendar. It is really beautiful and will make my office days easier.

Thank you for the fast delivery!

The Adventures of Algy is strictly an original content blog. Algy does not reblog other people’s posts … usually. But this is a most unusual case. Algy was thrilled and very grateful to see this post a few days ago, by his special friend Jürgen … und Freunde 🙂

So Algy decided to make an exception. Thank you very much, mein lieber Freund, and very many thanks too to the other kind friends who have bought one of Algy’s calendars xx

[Algy’s unique 2014 calendars can be bought from Algy’s Folksy shop. They are available in three different formats, for shipping worldwide. If you would like one, and need it before Christmas, please remember to allow enough time for international delivery – it could take a couple of weeks or longer during the holiday season.]

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