Algy’s feathers were drenched and heavy with salt; he knew that it would be quite impossible for him to fly. So with a big effort he pulled himself out of the water, and on to the top of the rocking lobster pot float. The rocks were perilously close and he couldn’t risk being swept against them, so he started to paddle vigorously with his wings. Algy is a bird not easily daunted, so to keep his spirts up and block out the sound of the dangerous surf, he started to sing his favourite sea shanty, Hieland Laddie, at the top of his voice:

          Was you ever in Quebec?
          Bonny laddie, Hieland laddie,
          Stowing timber on the deck,
          Bonny Hieland laddie.
          Hey ho, and away we go,
          Bonny laddie, Hieland laddie,
          Hey ho, and away we go,
          Bonny Hieland laddie.

[Algy suggests you listen to this fine version by Matthew Vaughan. The song starts about one minute in, with an introduction by Matthew first.]

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