The sun was fading, the sea had covered the beach up again for the moment, and it was time for Algy to leave… until his next visit. As he made his way home, he paused again by the blue burn, to listen to its never-ending song.

Sitting on one of the many large boulders which the burn had tumbled down in the wild winter storms, Algy remembered a poem, which he dedicates to all his friends who are burdened with worry or are feeling weighed down:

          And what about this boulder,
          knocked off the moutaintop and
          tumbled down a thousand years ago

          to lodge against the streambank,
          does it waste itself with worry
          about how things are going

          to turn out? Does the current
          slicing around it stop itself mid-
          stream because it can’t get past

          all it’s left behind back at
          the source or up in the clouds
          where its waters first fell

          to earth? …

Algy hopes you will have a happy, stress-free week 🙂

[Algy is quoting the first part of the poem Landscape Survey by John Brehm.]

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