Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, and Welcome!

At Christmas time a kind neighbour gave Algy a large bulb from Holland, and told him to plant it in a pot. Imagine Algy’s surprise when, a few months later, he found that this had happened! The amazing flowers were almost bigger than him!

So Algy would like to offer this spectacular plant to all his lovely followers and friends on Tumblr. Algy has been thrilled to gain many new followers recently, and thanks you all very much indeed 🙂  He is so pleased that you enjoy his adventures! And he is also very touched by the kindness and loyalty of his special Tumblr friends and older followers – he loves you all xxx

Algy is so happy to get all your messages and comments, and he wants you to know that he always tries to reply personally without delay, but sometimes he doesn’t quite manage to keep up with things, as it’s a wee bit difficult to type with fluffy wings. But he really loves to hear from you all, and will keep on answering your messages as quickly as he can 🙂 He also enjoys all your wonderful blogs, and thanks you very much for sharing all your beautiful images from around the world.

Have a lovely day, and enjoy your flowers!


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