Today Algy is “It” :)

Today, Algy was very happy to find that he had been “tagged” by two of his Tumblr friends, northernbriton and idlepaddy, who both sent him this “ask”:

TAG YOU’RE IT. The rules are to state ten random facts about yourself. Then, go to your ten favorite blogs and tell them they’re it 🙂

Here are Algy’s answers:

  1. I am a silly, fluffy bird 🙂 I would stand almost 2 feet tall, except that I cannot really stand on my own two legs. My wingspan is about the same as my height just now, but it’s still increasing. I don’t like my beak – it’s too long and hooked – so I’m going to get it altered soon 🙂
  2. When no-one is listening, I practise operatic arias. I wish I could sing like the other birds, but my natural voice is just a croak :{ So I’m learning to play the ocarina; then I will be able to sing back sweetly to my friends in the trees.
  3. I love all the natural sounds of the world, especially the sounds of water – the sea in all its different moods, the burns that trickle gently in the summer and roar in the winter, and the many sounds of the rain – also the sound of the wind sighing through the trees or rushing across the open moor.
  4. I like all kinds of mechanical, clockwork and optical toys, mechanical automata, and old animation devices. I’m especially fond of musical boxes and old clocks that play tunes or have moving figures.
  5. I have a very soft spot for the Irish, and for their culture and their writing, even though they are often gloomy 🙂 [My assistant’s husband is partly Irish.] I haven’t visited Ireland yet but I will one day. My favourite poet is W.B.Yeats.
  6. I don’t like flat lands, only ragged, uneven landscapes with lots of shapes. I like to be out on the edge, at the boundaries of things – where the land meets the sea, or the mountains meet the sky. I love to gaze at the night sky and contemplate the universe, but hate to be in the middle of a crowd.
  7. A few years ago, my assistant was very ill. One day she heard the wingbeats of the Angel of Death hovering over the ridge some way from her house. She knew that he would pass on by that time, but I don’t think that she has been quite the same since, so I play with her and make her smile. What I like doing best is making people smile. I have been so surprised and happy to find wonderful new friends all over the world through Tumblr. Now I can make them smile too 🙂 Tumblr has changed my life!
  8. My assistant’s garden is literally a nest of vipers – I love snakes, especially beautiful, lazy adders that curl up and sunbathe on the dry grasses.
  9. I love the sea. In fact I think I’ll go down to the sea right now 🙂
  10. By chance, today is my assistant’s birthday.
    Many Happy Returns, Jenny!

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